Thursday, February 25, 2010

Oh yeah, this thing


I didn't exactly forget about this. I think about it every morning, pretty much. For some reason, I remember this being a hassle to keep up. But it's not. So here I am. (I guess it helps that I sort of have news)

I haven't been recording my sleep too much the past year. Every once in a month. I recorded maybe a dozen nights since last April. I got so caught up in living, then depression, then re-learning living, then...well, now I have no excuse.

I had surgery last Wednesday. Septoplasty and turbinate reduction. As you know, I snore; this wasn't about that though. I had a deviated septum and my left side was quite often stuffed up. I went to my trusty ENT and he looked up there. Swollen shut. He looked up my left Eustachian tube. Totally swollen shut. This explained the weird ear pressure issues I've had for...who knows how long--15 years or more? I'm a chronic yawner/ear popper, and this is why.

So I opted for surgery. So far, I think it's been the right choice. I'm still swollen a little from the surgery, and I still have scab tissue that hasn't shed. So we'll see.

One interesting side effect: I'm taking vicodin for the pain, and I've been having SUPER CRAZY WEIRD dreams...which I enjoy. Also, my girlfriend kept telling me that I was laughing in my sleep. Now, this isn't really a surprise, because I've ALWAYS laughed in my sleep. But she told me it was creepy. So, what's a boy to do but to fire up the Cool Edit Pro v1.2 and see what the hubbub is all about.

So........this is last night. Hee hee.

24 Feb 2010 - Laugh, then mumble

24 Feb 2010 - "D'you try it?"

24 Feb 2010 - "Kiwi groupie, meow!"

Monday, October 06, 2008

Two month recording hiatus

Hey errybody,

In one week, I'll be on an aeroplane, pointed toward Delhi, India. I'm working on a travel show for public television called TravelScope. I've been helping them out with post production stuff here and there since March, but this will be my first foray into location sound recording for them. The show is currently shooting the third season, and I'm very excited to be a part of the India trip. Three whole weeks in India!

Since I'll be traveling, I probably won't be able to do any sleep recording, although I will have all the necessary equipment to do so....we'll see. A traveling somniloquy feature might be really fun!

A week after I get back from India, We're going out again to shoot in Guatemala for two weeks. When I get back from all that, I'll try to post a big travel story, with pictures, and maybe some sounds.

In the meantime, here are some recordings from earlier in the year. Bon chance, y'all!

14 May 2008 - "...Nymph: A series of lies"

08 Jun 2008 - "Interface numbers"

17 Jun 2008 - "Pretty tight, straight up and down...ten feet"

<3 Dan

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Family Affair, Part 2

Last night was Ellen's last night staying with me. Boo-hoo! We had a lot of fun during her stay, and it seems awfully short.
She said just one more thing in her sleep, but we can't agree on what it was. If you can figure it out, please leave a comment with your interpretation.

18 Sep 2008 - "Choose your own translation"

Dan (and Ellen!)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A Family Affair, Part 1

My sister is staying with me this week, and I lent her my bed while she's here. It's more comfortable than the futon in the office, which is where I'm sleeping (quite well, actually--it's also where the A/C is!)

She asked me to record her sleep each night, because she told me she also talks in her sleep! And boy, does she!

16 Sep 2008 - "The wedding"

17 Sep 2008 - "Take your trailer to lunch with you?"

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The Beard Blog

This blog seems to be less and less about sleeptalk, and more about beardtalk.

...which I just shaved off last week. I left the mustache.

full beard with mustache clips

handlebar mustache

handlebar mustache waxed

There's been a very mixed response--from "awesome," to "you look like a train conductor," to "ew."

Luckily, I only really care about one opinion. It was my decision, and it's helping me through a semi-tough time. You're welcome to your own opinions, and don't worry about sharing with or offending me. It's just not going to change anything. The 'stache stays.

14 Jun 2008 - "Ever tried so hard?"

13 Jun 2008 - "What you doin' over there?"

13 Jun 2008 - "That sounds exciting"

<3 Dandan