Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Delirious mornings

The past few mornings have been strange and non-standard. Not for any reason, other than maybe I'm not sleeping much. Maybe it's diet related?

Anyway, the other morning, my cell phone alarm went off at 11am to remind me of something I had to do. I was so delirious when it went off, I started sort of talk/singing along to the tune. I should note, I was awake when this happened. I remember the alarm going off, but I do not remember doing what you're about to hear. It's important for me to say though, that this doesn't qualify as sleeptalk in my mind.

09 Nov 2007 - Alarm Delirium

Even my somniloquizing mind seems confused lately!

11 Nov 2007 - "Doesn't make any sense"

And just for kicks, here's an old one I just rediscovered.

17 Jan 2005 - "Half-naked party with waving flag"

Thursday, November 08, 2007


I barely spoke in my sleep the past month. Am I too happy since I'm not working anymore? Am I too drugged?

What am I?

I spoke last night.

06 Nov 2007 - "Can't drink it anymore"

I've been trying to remember my dreams more in the mornings, for the other blog I'm contributing to, but I have the HARDEST TIME remembering anything! I even have the extra benefit of having a microphone next to my bed, that's recording in the morning so I could possibly dictate what happened in my dream.

But instead, I sit in bed, think about my dream a bunch, and never say a thing, immediately falling back asleep. Then I forget.

My short-term memory has always been awful--since early childhood. I can never remember people's names when they are first introduced to me unless I make up some sort of mind trick to connect them. Faces too. I'm not the "I never forget a face" guy. I never remember anything. Events too.

Sometimes I wonder if there's a connection between my recent lack of sleeptalk and my apparent inability to talk when I wake up in the morning.

Yeah, too drugged.