Friday, May 12, 2006

Birds of Paradise

Over the past month we've had lovely feral parrot visitors on our street. They are Mitred Conures and are very beautiful. The lastest news is they seem to be roosting in the palm tree right in front of our apartment building. Neat.

I bet a lot of people around here think they are nuisances (similar to the nasty people trying to ban pigeon-feeding in Hollywood), mostly because they are kind of loud. But I adore them. You can read about my first encounter with them here, on my Myspace blog.

I caught their squawks on my sleep recordings. Here's an example:

29 Apr 2006 - Mitred Conure calls under snore

Today, I've decided to post something current. It's from last night. Maybe you can answer me this: I've been thinking about trying to transcribe approximately what I'm saying in some of the clips, but I almost think it would be better if you, the readers, tried to transcribe what you think I'm saying by way of the comments section. Your thoughts are welcome.

11 May 2006 - "Here They Are"


[edit @ 10:27pm]
Added a photo I took today of the conures. They are apparently cleaning nesting material out of this palm tree. It was a stunning experience, as a mash of feathers and string and paper and hair rained down. I would've posted this earlier, but I ran out of time before going to work. Excuses, unnecessary excuses.
mitred conures clearing out a palm tree


Anonymous Karen Weiss said...

Fabulous photos! I can hardly wait to see them in person.

Mon May 15, 10:08:00 PM PDT  

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