Tuesday, January 09, 2007

China Dream

This morning, I dreamt my friend Zeb and I flew to Northern China--I think just for fun. Once we landed, we had to take a long bus trip north. But once we got there, I realized I had to go home for a little while because of some party my parents were having. So I left Zeb in China, and flew back home (home being some non-existent half-city, half-countryside California spot. Maybe Salt Lake City?)

Once I got there, I met this uncle I never knew about, and his Vietnamese fiance. We were in some sort of gazebo or at a luau or something. At some point during the visit, I walked back to my house because my Mom was resting there, and I wanted to make sure she was OK. It had been raining really hard, but had just let up. When I got to the house, I went for a walk with my Mom and sister. It was really windy and we watched the clouds dissipate very quickly. But then, a new wave of clouds was blowing in over the mountains and they looked dangerous. Then, ice started forming around the low-flying clouds and started to fall on us. Ten-pound chunks of ice. Some were bigger. I almost got hit in the head by one.

So we ran for cover, but as soon as we were safe, it stopped. I drove my car to this other part of the neighborhood and picked up my van (which I just retired last week after 9 years of bitter love.) Then Zeb called my cell phone. I had this idea in my head that I was going to somehow get back to China with my car (which in the dream was a red two door Geo Metro hatchback), so we wouldn't have to take the bus back to catch the plane. It was during this time I realized I didn't kow how to get my car TO China, and that what I was doing with my van was probably unneccessary. (Exactly what I was doing with my van, I'll never quite know--I was just as confused in the dream.)

I was about to go back to China and meet up with Zeb and Reaux (his girlfriend, and my friend) when I was awakened by a real-life phone call from my friend Sanaz.

The moral of this dream is that my friends all have awesome names.

Like I've stated, the past few nights I've been remembering a lot more of my dreams, of which under normal circumstances I generally remember nothing. This memory was, by far, the icing.

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