Thursday, February 08, 2007

Post Birthday

This year, I didn't plan anything for my birthday. Maybe half out of depression, but mostly because I'm sick of planning my own birthday events. This tactic lead me to four free meals, a couple free drinks, and a wide variety of excellent friend hanging-out. Not too bad for no plans, if I say so myself.

It was a crazy, non-stop day, starting at 10am for brunch at Cafe Crepe, a quick lunch at THE VEGAN JOINT!, dinner at another vegan place in Hollywood, and ending at 5:30am, with me driving home from Fred62.

After all that eating, it would naturally follow that I would talk about food in my sleep, right?

28 Jan 2007 - "Potato Chips"

28 Jan 2007 - "Slurping"


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