Thursday, May 24, 2007

Swapping File Servers (hold on to your pocket protectors!)

I'm letting my old, archaic domain name expire in a few days, so I've moved all the somniloquy media files to my new domain, [Cue the nerdy techie music and badly done 3D rendered graphics splash screen, and start pumping up the kegs filled with Jolt.]

Please let me know if you find any broken links or other bogus razmataz. Just leave a comment on the offending page, and I'll get right on it.

I've been thinking about revamping the look of my blog--anyone have any ideas or otherwise useful input? My main concern right now, is not everyone is able to listen to the audio files...which basically renders the blog useless ('cause we all know you aren't coming to read this blog for my witty banter.)

On a ranty note, how come there isn't a for audio files? I know there are music sites, but none that seem to cater to my needs. Unless y'all know something I don't (which collectively, I wouldn't doubt.) It kind of sucks having to hand-code these pages everytime I want to post an audio file. I think that if there was a better, more automated way of posting the sleep files, I'd be more likely to post regularly. Or maybe it's a GOOD thing I don't post more regularly...Heh.

So here's some sleep stuff of recent vintage. I'm in a talking mood lately, so I've been feeling good each morning. It really helps me keep up my spirits when I find lots of good sleeptalk, and it keeps me from falling behind on my listen-back routine.

...and stuff.

04 May 2007 - "8-and-a-half pounds"

07 Apr 2007 - "Oppity oppy oughta be"

02 Apr 2007 - "Early show rainbow"

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