Saturday, March 10, 2007

Songs in my sleep

Here are a couple sound bytes from the archive where I'm singing.
Or something.

27 Oct 2005 - "Whatever Happened" song
["Root beer embattled?"]

01 Dec 2005 - Lil' Ditty

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Blogger FraggleSnaps said...

Just when I was okay with the talking in the sleep, you bring out the singing. Hmmm. (For the record, I tried to play both the "songs" at the same time to see if they were two parts to one masterpiece or had a secret message hidden within them...the answer was no. Sorry to disappoint.)

Sat Mar 10, 05:24:00 PM PST  
Blogger dandan said...

Haha. Did you try playing them backwards too?

Sat Mar 10, 05:42:00 PM PST  

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